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Our Motto:
Happy and strong families create happy community and happy communities build strong and peaceful nations.
Maulana Maudoodi (Tafheemul Quran)
Our Mission:
  •   Is to keep families together with respect, dignity and with responsibility.
  •   Approaching concern government departments and policy maker so they can help families live stable and self sufficient life.
  • Educating parents, so with peace they can provide quality and stable life for their children.
  •  Most importantly we aim to create awareness about the purpose of creation of man and woman differently but equally important in humanity. They are designed to carry out different sets of responsibilities to create balance, peace and harmony in each other’s lives and in the environment for generations to come.
  • Educating people that with these sets of responsibilities man and woman depend on each other and become important for each other. Once this balance in human responsibilities is broken, it will create imbalance in our lives, families, communities and also in our environment. This can result in catastrophes like climate change and a depressed generation.
  • Educating youth, so they can live to the best of their abilities and can take care of their country with pride. Respecting one’s self and others equally. Working with positive attitude and working hard for their country.
  • Is to target each and every suburb in every state to create an awareness and educate people and youth about the important role they play as an individual for their family, community and for human civilisation as a whole.


 SMYFRO.Inc Team:

We are a dedicated team of friends, giving thier time and effort to support single moms, youth and families to face the daily challenges of life with wisdom, wit, dignity, confidence and courage. Also working on how to keep families together safe and in peace. Please be a part of a noble cause and join us now and make our world better place everyday.

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